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    Default T3 Slugs .217

    Good Day all,

    I have great news!

    T3 Slugs are now available for purchase. These slugs are based on the NSA slug specs and perform the same if not better with a price tag we can finally afford.

    They are being sold in the following weights, but custom weight orders can also be made.

    30gr (please note that the 30 grain slugs will only fit the sideshot mags for the FX Impact shooters)

    I can either sell them in quantities of 100 per packet of your choice in either Flat Base or Cup Base .

    You can also special order a tester Pack containing 25 of each weight slug in both flat base and cup base. That's 200 T3 Slugs for R530.

    Each slug made is inspected and weighed to ensure the highest quality with a variation of only 0.1 grain. You will notice that these slugs are formed to perfection to ensure the greatest accuracy for the most demanding shooter.

    Flat Base Slugs

    Cup Base Slugs

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    Hi All Joburg shooters.

    These slugs will be available for purchase from Rashaad at Outdoor Pitstop in Cresta at R265 per pack of 100 perfectly made slugs.

    Please visit his shop or call him on
    076 951 5123
    or visit his website
    or on Facebook

    Shop Location:
    shop 108 Blackheath pavilion. Corner of Beyers Naude and Pendoring road. Cresta. 2194
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    Hi All,

    Check out the results from the 26gr Cup Base slugs. I find them to be way more accurate than Flat Base. I pulled 1 shot.

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    REP: T3Slugs

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    We are now also selling 32grain T3 slugs.

    Contact me on 0794741813 for an order.

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    T3 Slugs now has a new Logo and Facebook Page.

    Please feel free to visit and subscribe to get the latest info on all things slugs and shooting slugs.
    and our whatsapp group
    WhatsApp Group Invite

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    Hi All,

    We are very excited to announce that we now also produce 21grain slugs. Try them in your air rifles and let us know how it performed for you.

    Please go like our facebook page and join our whatsapp group for the latest info and events.

    WhatsApp Group Invite

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    Just hit our new high.

    25000 T3 Slugs sold so far, and not a single unhappy customer.

    Please go see our customer comments and reviews on our facebook page.

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    Default T3 Slugs for .217 now available R285 for 100. Hand made, inspected, weighed, sorted.

    Good Day All,

    I am Happy to announce that you may now order your T3 Slugs from me at any weight (21gr-34gr) in either Flat base or Cup Base.

    Please call or whatsapp me on : 0794741813
    Join our facebook page for more posts, videos, comments and events.
    Join our Whatsapp group for latest information on FX Liners, upgrades, settings, help and tips.

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