I set up two almost identical HW 30 rifles even the scopes are the same model
rules are simple
  • A4 sheet of blank paper 7 metres away with a good backstop
  • 1st shooter can shoot pellet hole into the target anywhere
  • 2nd shooter must as quickly as possible shoot through the same hole
  • 2nd shooter then does the same this continues until someone misses the loser buys the drinks
  • As the target gets more filled with holes the 1st shooter can call the shot position as he / she shoots

I have a few disadvantages with my shooting Partner Annelie, she can only buy me non alcoholic beverages.
At present her eyes are a lot quicker than mine at seeing the new pellet hole.
But she still has too learn trigger control so I score in that dept but I have a feeling that this is not going to last long, will have to think of a few extra tricks to keep ahead of her.