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Thread: Mkonto Rinkhals disassembly

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    Default Mkonto Rinkhals disassembly

    Has any of you disassembled a Rinkhals before?
    Anything special to observe? Because I tried the weekend, then decided to put in the cross-pin at the back of the tube again and come ask here first.

    You see, I put the action into my spring compressor, tapped out the cross pin at back of the tube and started unwinding the press.
    Nothing comes out! Surely the spring is under some compression? It has to push out the trigger unit/plug combo at the back, right?. Until I start thumping on the trigger housing and realise just how tight the entire unit fits inside the tube... You have to thump it out, the spring force isn't enough to push it out on its own.
    But then the next puzzling bit for me.... I got the trigger/plug assembly halfway out the back and I see the spring guide that sits up against the trigger housing has not moved backward at all, it's not following the trigger unit out towards the back of the tube. How can this be?
    There are no other cross pins and I can't see that the spring guide is threaded and screwed in, right? So what's holding the spring in its compressed state? Why isn't it uncoiling and moving backwards out the tube?

    This really perplexed me and rather than risk having something come loose suddenly and wind up with a spring and guide hole through a ceiling, a tv or my head, I decided to thump the trigger housing/plug unit back in, re-insert the cross pin and come ask you folks opinion.

    Anyone with experience on these? Thanks
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    Perhaps if you upload some detailed pictures of the action we might be able to offer a suggestion.
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    Yes, Dale, will do.... CK also suggested.

    I'll do a full review of it asap
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