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Thread: What Zero Distance?

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    Thanks for the feedback Blud, yes I see your point and agree fully on Rule No 5, but you know how it goes....

    I'll get the cheek piece sorted before the weekend (in fact made the wooden spacer tonight and in the process of getting the paint finished), then redo the click chart this weekend. Then it's back to shooting and practicing over and over again, man I love this stuff!!
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    Gaan koop 'n paar heavies batches en kyk as die geweer daarvan hou, party gewere skiet beter met 8.4, en in John se geweer express, ek het my geweer al 100mm hoog gehad lekker gewerk behalwe met die staan shots, ek het nie lekker by gekom by die teleskoop. So nou is my geweer die evens laar maar het 'n 20moa in my rail, dit werk vir my nog beter. Hoekom ek dit so doen is dan trek ek voordeel wat die 8.4 het op ranging, maar ek skiet 10.3 grain, as jy my click chart kyk van 40 m na 50m lyk dit soos 'n click chart van 8.4 s. So jou ranging error is die selfde as wat iemand 8.4 skiet, zero maar op 25 m dan praat jy die selfde taal as die ander mense, bv van 25m na 50m is 34 clicks,,. In Chairgun sit ek my 25m zero 9m clicks wat ek kry in chairgun en so ook met 50m, en hy werk soos 'n bom, veral om tyd te spaar en geld. Ek ken nie alles nie maar het al 'n paar dinge probeer
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    Getting the POI to match the POA at 42m as Blud says takes time. You will have to shim your scope. It'll be on and off and on and off. Each time making tight that loose. When you shim the scope be careful not to tighten the scope straps to much or you might warp the scope tube. 3Nm is what most scope manufactures recommend. This feel loose but it is enough. I use blue locktight to hold the bolts in place after its all setup.

    Once the scope is optically zeroed, put in on the rifle. Check to see how far out you are. if you are within half a turn then leave it as is.

    Remember to lift the POI you shim the back of the scope, to drop the POI you shim the front of the scope.
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