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Thread: Avanti Legend 853 - Target SSP | Review

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    Avanti Legend 853

    After selling my Industry Brand AR2079B target rifle I missed not having a 10m target air rifle.
    I have always fancied a single stroke pneumatic as no fuss with CO2 or air bottles.
    However the high cost of a used SSP and the possible problems with seals and tinkerers
    made me take a good look at the Avanti 853 by Daisy as it was used in CMP competition in the USA. As the new PCP Daisy 599 has replaced this model I was not sure how much longer it would remain in production at the whim of Gamo.

    The version that I obtained was once again old new stock having been manufactured in 2007.
    The stock is not beech but some other USA hard wood and has good chunky proportions
    the receiver is an alloy casting and the barrel is manufactured by Lothar Walther.
    The pump arm is also an alloy casting and gives you plenty of leverage to charge the rifle with air.
    The trigger is set to 3 lbs which is a safety measure due to CMP use. This can easily be modded
    to give a much lighter trigger pull weight.
    Loading the rifle you need to first pull back on the bolt to cock the action and close the valve.
    Then one pump and you are ready to shoot. (the safety is manual )

    The sights are of the Peep Sight variety which suits me as the very small hole in Diopter sights
    causes problems with my eyesight.
    The older peep sights were partly made of plastic and the click stops were somewhat vague
    the newer sights are all metal and have very positive click stop.( I have both types.)
    When trying to zero my peep sights I found that I only just had enough elevation and not enough right windage adjustment.
    Looking at the weight/ foresight I saw that it was attached by two allen screws. So marking with some masking tape barrel and fore sight/weight I adjusted the position a bit forward and to the left. That fixed the sights zeroing problem. a target set of foresight inserts is supplied.

    The rifle is well balanced and easy to shoot standing as it also has an arm sling.
    The trigger feels more like 2 lbs pull and is very smooth in operation and breaks cleanly.

    Due to my poor eyesight I cannot due justice to the accuracy but will post a target later
    Using JSB RS pellets I obtained an average of 520 ft/sec velocity
    which gives about 4.4 ft/lbs ME.
    I have since found that the Avanti 853 likes JSB Express as well.

    So if you are looking for an accurate , not too heavy target rifle this is one to consider
    while it is still available as it is a proven competition 10m rifle.
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    Target five shots at 10m using JSB Express . Any one with good eyesight
    could could get all five shots into a one hole group

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