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    Default PELLET SALE

    Usually every year end, November, i have specials on pellets. These are always ONCE OFF and valid for November only.
    Its for what stock is instore. For now its just Airarms pellets (pricing might change slightly when newer stock arrives). When my next delivery comes with JSB, i will include it on this thread.

    Air Arms pellets:
    8.4gr R168 for 500 (4.52mm)
    10.3gr R195 for 500 (4.52mm)
    16gr R235 for 500 (5.52mm)
    18gr R138 for 250 (5.52mm)

    JSB pellets:
    13gr R190 for 500 (5.1mm)
    8.4gr R160 for 500 (4.52/4.53mm)
    10.34gr R165 for 500 (4.52mm)
    13.43gr redesigned R115 for 400 (4.52mm)
    18.13gr R110 for 250 (5.52mm)
    25.39gr redesigned R110 for 200 (5.52mm)

    Cometa pellets:
    15.89gr R120 for 250 (5.52mm)

    QYS pellets:
    8.48gr R180 for 500 (4.50mm)

    Reminder, these prices are once off, available for november 2019 only. All of the above is instock and available immediately. Unless i get sold out
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    Thread updated. JSB, cometa and QYS added. Remember its once off pricing. Every November i have a special on pellets
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