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Thread: What distance do you zero your scope?

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    Default What distance do you zero your scope?

    Hi Airgunners

    I've recently read an article where the writer mentions that his scope is zeroed at 35 metres for HFT shooting. To me this seems a bit far and I'm wondering what others use as a zero on their scopes. Maybe comment why you choose that particular distance too.

    Considering that the closest distance is 8 metres and the furthest distance 42 metres, I would have though a zero distance of 20 or 25 metres would be perfect.

    Share your thoughts.
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    25m personally.
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    Perhaps he has a holdover system that suits HFT shooting?

    The max. distance is 40m, with a 10X scope, so perhaps it also has something to do with click count once the range has been estimated?

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    There are a few of considerations when choosing a zero distance for HFT. A lot of people don't give it much thought and simply choose the distance that some of the top shooters use and they do fine with it. A few shooters choose their zero distance based on the fact that they want a single zero range so that they only have holdover to content with. This is usually in the 20 - 22m (20.1m on my chart) range although this is affected by scope height, pellets, velocity etc as well so it will differ from one setup to the next. My zero is a little but further out at 28m so I have hold over and under to contend with. Some other considerations are how good your ranging is. Some shooters struggle with ranging the far targets accurately so they opt for higher mounts and/or a further zero to minimize the drop at the far end and give them the advantage there. Others struggle with the small 15mm reducers and/or very close targets so they opt for lower mounts and/or a closer zero in order to stretch out their point blank range on the near targets. I have opted for something in the middle with my 28m zero and medium mounts. My scope is set up in such a way that I can easily see, by how blurry the targets are, when they are 12m or closer and 36m or further. I am confident on the close and far targets but sometimes I get caught out in the middle as the targets are all pretty clear in that medium distance bracket and depending on the terrain and course layout it can sometimes be difficult ranging those targets accurately. The highest point of my pellet trajectory is at 22m and its just low enough that if I aim dead center on a 15mm reducer between 12 and 23m it will fall if everything else is spot on. This also pushes my point blank range on a 20mm reducer out to just short of 33m and that gives me a decent margin of error on all other reducer sizes in the medium range bracket between 12 and 36m.

    There is a lot of personal preference involved in choosing a zero range. I started by entering my set up details into Chairgun and playing around with it until I found something that made sense to me. I then started shooting HFT with that and as I learned and gained experience I adjusted my set up accordingly.
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    My Niko Stirling scope is sighted in at 40m 4x32 on my Gamo Big Cat. My target is a small metal box of some sorts 10cm x5cm and I can hit it precisely.
    On the other hand my centerpoint 3x9x40ao on my Benjamin Trail NP XL 1500 just cannot do groupings at all on any distances. I've changed the scopes around and with the Niko Stirling on my Benjamin I can hit the same target at 40m.
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