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Thread: REALLY REALLY cutomised s200

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    Default REALLY REALLY cutomised s200

    now this i have nevert seen!!

    that is one of them but check out this one!!!!!

    here are some pretty nice trargets as well
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    u got all the links the same! but good looking gun, i dont understand how somebody could go through all that for the S200, at the end its probably the same price as the EV2 so it pointless(like a bxxb without a n1pple) he he.
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    HAHA!!!!!! bxxb without a n1pple....

    id almost give my left bxll for that gun it looks so nice....

    (but not yet...)
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    I prefer the thumbhole and the other custom stock, but whaterver floats your boat of tickles your bXXb
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    Bit much(assessories) for a 200. Agree with PsychoSven about the money spend.
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