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Thread: PP700-SA accuracy/filling issue

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    Default PP700-SA accuracy/filling issue

    Howdy Gents. So, i bought a new pp700sa 5.5, fitted the foldable stock, stuck a scope on it, sighted in using jsb's. Believe to be 13.something. No groups shot at the time.

    Yesterday i started testing pellets. 9 different pellets used at 30m. No luck getting a decent group. So i figured barrel needs to be cleaned and have a couple 100 pellets go through. Done and dusted, no joy.

    This afternoon i shot some groups with other rifles and thought id get rid of some 5.5 pellets my artemis co2 rifle dislikes using the p700, from a full fill it was horrible some missing the 100x100mm target at 30m, but then! All of a sudden at about 140bar the group started closing. Went to fill up and again pellets al over the place, reach 140 again group starts closing.

    Tried the jsbs again on a 140 fill and got 2 ok groups
    Totol shots 250-300
    Cant seem to upload a pic of groups.
    28mm c2c
    42mm c2c
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