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    Hello all,
    The purpose of this review is to share my personal experience with a cheap Chinese rifle.

    Maybe it is not so much a review but more of a “Dear Diary” moment...

    This review is not a detailed technical review and there will be no references to any technical data.

    So here goes.
    Some background...
    My introduction to pellet guns started in the 80’s with a Diana mod25. I felt invincible with this little plinker in my hand. The only ammo available: Marksmen’s (Red box)
    The above served me well into my teens and then interest shifted from pellet guns to other things.

    Fast forward a few years and I took a few shots with my nephew’s cz200s.
    About a week later I owned my very own. From there I upgraded to an AA s400 classic. The last two pcp’s I owned (And regret selling to this day) Weihrauch hw100 and a Hammerli AR20FT.

    Kids and life in general caused me to pack up and find hobbies best suited for late nights and other odd hours, when the wife and kids are sleeping.

    To the present day...
    About March this year I met a supplier of happiness by the name of Rashaad from Outdoor Pitstop.
    I knew that a top-end rifle was out of the question and I do have a 200bar tank, so outlay was not that much, but neither the budget.

    Long story short, Rashaad answered all my questions and a few days later I was driving at 200km/h to my nearest Postnet to take collection.

    Package was wrapped all proper and all and I started to rip off the plastic.

    Oh wait... I first opened a Zamalek to calm the nerves.

    The package consisted of the rifle, fill station and an aftermarket silencer (Brand will not be mentioned)
    I do a lot of backyard shooting with my boys, so one thing that is important to me is keeping the rifle quiet.

    P.S. The previous day I visited my beloved nephew at VLT and got a little 3-9x40 AGS scope for the PR, also got some JSB’s to play with

    So, what was my impression of the Artemis PR900W?
    Important to note, all my previous rifles were 4.5 and most of them regulated, so this was my first intro to 5.5 and also my first un-regulated rifle in some time

    I received the rifle with about 130bar worth of air. Rashaad was kind enough to pressure test the rifle for me prior to shipping.

    I immediately loaded a JSB heavy and promptly fired a shot through the bedroom window.

    After some bewildered looks from the wife and one or two choice words, I decided to take off the supplied sound moderator and put on the proper silencer.

    Loaded, fired through window.

    Some more choice words from my better half, I felt disappointment for the first time. No perceivable difference between supplied moderator and the silencer.

    Off to Clicks...

    After convincing the lady at Clicks that I am not pulling a prank on her, she showed me to the hair curlers. I took the silencer apart and added some curlers and Scotchpads.

    This time I warned the wife in advanced and fired the shot. Ah, I am ready for outside.
    So what are my thoughts?


    All included (AGS Scope, Extra silencer, fill station) was in the region of R4 500.00. As mentioned previously, I already had a 230bar cylinder, so did not need to invest in that or a sweat pump.

    Initial impressions:
    Apart from the additional packaging Rashaad added, the rifle came in a nice printed box, with the following:

    1. Allan keys
    2. Spare O-Ring Set
    3. 8-shot indexing magazine
    4. Fill-probe connector thingy
    5. User Manual

    As can be expected, do not expect a Ginb stock. Considering the price of the rifle, I will go as far as saying the finishing of the rifle is pretty good on both the stock as well as the metal parts.

    It even has a proper metal trigger guard, which is not something you see on too many low-end rifles.

    I have always considered the British and German rifles as the defacto standard for anything rifle related.

    Having read many reviews on the PR900 (Quite mixed) I decided that, at the price, it is worth the risk.
    One of the prominent issues from the reviews was that the Artemis was prone to leaks. I luckily am yet to experience this.
    People also had a few bad crownes. Again, mine was well finished.

    One item I tried and quickly discarded was the supplied 8-shot magazine. It is utterly useless. I am only using it as a single shot. This does not bother me too much; just annoyed that it does not work.


    The trigger is fairly adjustable, (I had more expensive rifles that gave me less options to adjust) but to be honest, I am shooting with the factory trigger as is. Both my sons shoot with me, so not doing the hair trigger now. A bit of a pseudo two-stage going on.


    The safety button is very conveniently located and easily engaged or disengaged without having to take your eye of the target, and with minimal hand movement. The safety does not auto-engage.

    Shot count:

    Low. There really isn’t much to say here. Other than low, perhaps “Thirsty” can work as well.
    I fill up to about 180 bar and shoot down to about 120bar. That takes about 30-35 shots.
    On the above point, having said that this is the 5.5, I am not sure how it compares to the 4.5
    N.B. As a slight defence regarding the shot count, the rifle’s air cylinder is tiny compared to most rifles. (180cc??)


    It needs a regulator.
    I think this rifle will most certainly do well if regulated. I suspect the rifle is running a bit hot as well.
    It will certainly improve shot count and get rid of that pesky (albeit predictable) vertical POI shift.


    Very acceptable.
    I do not shoot bench or any other form of competitive shooting, it has been a few years since I have been on an FT course. I have no intention of attempting 1-hole groups at 177meters.

    Now that I have become familiar with the POI shift, I can confidently shoot up to 45 meters.

    I have neither desire nor the requirement to shoot beyond that distance.

    Two things I have learned.
    1. It loves the 18.13gr JSB’s
    2. The barrel should not be too clean(&#129300

    Additional Extras: (Pimps)

    The rifle is short and appears tiny. Carbine-like almost. This does not really bother me as the trigger length is still pretty comfortable.
    It did however prompt me to add a picatinny rail to the bottom of the stock with a bi-pod style fore grip.
    WOW. It really does make it easy to carry for those days that you feel like stalking your paper targets.
    On that note, it also shoots quite well of a bi-pod.

    Additional “Bonus” points:
    What I really appreciated was the fact that open sights have been supplied with the rifle.

    A slight drawback is that the front sight is fixed to the sound moderator. Thus, should you decide to opt for an aftermarket silencer, you will lose the front sight. I suspect you may also need some additional machining, should a diopter sight be considered.

    I always intended to scope the rifle, but none the less, nice to know the option is there.

    The second “bonus” feature I like is the fact that the rifle has a pressure gauge on the rifle itself, so you are not only relying on the fill station reading.

    The Third one I liked is the ease of filling with the quick coupler. It is also easy to shoot directly from the bottle when not walking with the rifle.

    In Conclusion:
    Again, it is important to understand that I have owned some of the more expensive rifles, thus, when I made the decision to go for a “lesser” brand, I knew full well what the possible outcome could have been.
    Yes, the PR900 is not a Daystate, it is not a CZ, it is not a Steyr and I can carry on dropping names.

    I would love to drop if off at Jaco for a full “tune” and a regulator, but that needs to wait as a young man is going to Grade 8 and it is farking expensive.

    I am thoroughly impressed with this cheap Chinese gunnetjie. I can shoot what I aim at, and I really do not need more than that.

    Yes, I will love a more expensive rifle, but I really do not think I will have more fun with it than I am with the chinaman.

    Yes, maybe I am lucky that it is not leaking or suffering from any of the issues I have heard about in the reviews.

    I love my little Artemis and suspect that this one will actually remain in the safe (Who knows)

    All the best,

    P.S. I used to know how to add images to posts. Seems I forgot, please view my album for pictures.
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    Nice review,

    I totally agree with you Leon. I have not owned a better quality/expensive rifle but have had a chance to shoot one (awesome accuracy). I just don't see the need to pay double what i paid for my first car to have a very good airrifle. Sure my Predator is not as accurate but still very accurate compared to what i was used to in my youth and just as much fun to shoot with, and i like fiddling with my rifles.

    For the everyday casual shooter you probably will not be able to get a better rifle for double the price. And accuracy is also relative for every shooter.
    Saying that i recall a day i was casually shooting at Wattlespring close to Bapsfontein when a couple of gents showed up to shoot their daystates and Fx's. After a while they started getting bored and asked if i wanted to join in some fun shooting at the small steel targets at the range.
    We placed the targets side on on top of the target frame at the 25m mark and everyone gets a shot, if you miss you are out, the last person left is the winner. A couple of times i won, and guess what, i was shooting with one of my QB79 rifles.

    I hope i haven't hijacked your thread, just wanted to say that even the "cheapies" can hold their own as long as you shoot within the range it is capable of performing well.

    Enjoy your Predator
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    This review was a very enjoyable read..
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