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Thread: Hiluxman and the LGU Really!,,

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    Default Hiluxman and the LGU Really!,,

    Hi all,

    A while ago I saw the For Sale of the LGU.

    Being a hardcore HW fan, having 30s, x 2, 77, 90, some 97,s 98 all in various states of tuning, MZE, and some other well known tuning houses,I decided to deviate a little.

    I have read an inordinately insane amount of reviews etc about the LGU.

    Pretty impressed.

    Made contact with Hiluxman. Explained I was only getting paid in approx two weeks, but really wanted the LGU.

    No problem, itís yours pay when you ready.
    He also gave me a very good run down of the history of the LGU.

    Got paid, did transfer and was kept in the loop about delivery every step of the way.
    Plus some teaser WhatsAppís about the LGU, 👅 and its performance.☠️👽

    Collected today. From Postnet.
    3 visits in 2 hours, they 1278m from my work!!!!

    Took it back to the office, as promised, a tin of my favorite ever pellets included.(JSB 4.53)

    Could not resist the temptation forgive me.........💀☠️👽

    Cocked and loaded a pellet. Remember, no Scope.......
    Plus never shot an LGU before, had to puzzle very briefly how to put the cocking lever back up!,,,'',,,''!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    The cocking and solid engagement sound, made by the two grooves on the side was so VERY cool. Thulkkk and then Thulkkk,

    So mechanically solid, you just donít get it it until you have actually pulled the lever to cock it yourself. SO VERY LOVE IT...

    Took aim,.,,.?????at the back wall of the warehouse, approx 50 m away and made the shot.

    All that I expected, very little mechanical type sound.

    Shot sound, ??

    Well it was shot in the warehouse, but honestly, did not have that crack sound,
    and way beyond a doubt the recoil in my opinion is significantly less than anyone of my 97s
    which is what I am comparing it to.

    It just feels so VERY REFINED.
    Thats just me and what I feel about it.

    Fitted a Hawke 4-16-50 SR PRO Scope.

    I have a permanent 30 m range in my garden.
    sighted the Scope in

    And wow

    this is really clinical stuff.

    Was shooting of the Caldwell Dead Shot Field Pod.
    It is insane,

    Thank you Hiluxman

    Just got 9 x 10 golf tees at 37 mt under 2 x 100 watt led lights.
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    Henry, I knew if I did not rush things with the sale, it would either stay with me or go to a good home lol.

    Bludlust set it up very well, and I just added some tlc and now its yours.

    Enjoy it and thanks for your comments
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    That is a VERY lekker gun.

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