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    Back in September of 2019 I noticed a Custom Stock CS800 stock advertised for sale on the UK site AirgunBBS, this was an older version of the stock, probably dating back to the early 1990's.

    The seller indicated that it had originally been inlet for an HW77 type action, but a previous owner had done a bit of a hack job to make it fit an HW80.

    As the forward stock screws are in a different position on the HW80, whoever did the conversion decided to extend the brackets on the action to utilise the existing hole positions on the stock, to do this a fair amount of wood had been removed from the inletting, including making clearance for the break barrel action.

    The stock was advertised cheaply enough to make it worth taking a punt on to use it for a winter project.

    When I got the stock I realised that it would be a bit of a project to get it sorted, so it sat in the corner awaiting a suitable action to fit it and the time and equipment to have a bash at it.

    The action came first, I bought my son's HW97K in 5.5mm which was fitted with the standard beech stock, whilst these stocks look nice in the blue laminate, the drab beech is pretty uninspiring.

    The other requirement was to be able to make new parts such as bushings, the solution to this aspect came just before Christmas when I bought a second hand hobbyists lathe and small milling machine from a friend, a valuable addition to my man cave:

    Now having the ability to make parts again, I decided to tackle the job over the Christmas holiday period.

    First order of business was to make a pair of brass bushings to sort the damage to the screw holes in the stock, these were made out of some hexagonal bar, partially to be a bit different, but mainly as the hex bar was the only suitable brass I had to hand and the local metal stockists were closed until January.

    Once the bushings were made and fitted a couple of cracks were noticed in the right hand side of the fore-end, luckily these could be opened just enough to trickle in some glue and clamped and allowed to set.

    With that sorted the action could be roughly mounted in the stock, prior to tackling the job of rebuilding the removed areas of wood.

    Now I am no wood worker, I can work with metal to a moderate standard but I am pretty crap at wood work. After thinking it over I decided the best method would be to glue in some beech wood dowel to fill some of the larger gaps then use a two part wood filler to rebuild the rest.

    This is looking into the inletting, showing the brass bushings and pieces of dowel with the first layer of filler in place.

    The completed infilling on left and right sides of the stock. I haven't tried to conceal what has been done, had it been a much higher grade piece of walnut, I might have looked to do it more aesthetically, but in this instance I just wanted to do a tidy and functional job.

    To be honest it doesn't look too bad when you see the rifle as a whole:

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    Hi Dale

    You have bought it back to life!

    Well done !!

    Best wishes
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