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    I have been watching the development of slugs with great interest over the last year n a bit.
    The so called "Pros from Dover" who manufacture these amazing products and the Air Rifle Manufacturers who keep on adding these "upgrades" to their rifles so you "can possibly" shoot either paper or pest at some ridiculous distances.
    So after reading about the JSB KO and the H&N Slugs I decided to look at the cost USA only.
    Could not believe it that the FX Hybrid slugs were the cheapest on the market (JSB don't even feature, maybe too early)
    From $14.99-$28 per 100, and when compared to the pellet prices, it is definitely not cost effective to shoot slugs, one wonders who will be able to plink, never mind shoot with these costs.
    Upgrades to my FX Impact either the Power Plenum or External Plenum are just too pricey and have the added hassle of import cost etc, etc.
    So here I have a 600mm STX Slug barrel that is going to shoot pellets, as my rifle does not develop the power to sling slugs.
    Mini rant over, to all and sundry have a wonderful weekend, and shoot till your heart overfloweth.
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    I have a Mk I FX, but with the 700mm slug barrel. It shoots 26gn JSB (power setting 3) @ 860fps , on Power set to Max it shoots 26gn slugs @ 930 fps. The FX with the 600mm barrel can also be tuned to get close to these numbers, optimal speed for the slugs are 930 fps, but you can run them at slower speeds if you don't intend to shoot 100m plus, don't waste your time trying to shoot them at below 875fps. The JSB redesigned 26gn are by far the best for my gun (even with the slug barrel), 35m it will give 10 shots touching each other easily, on 50m I get groupings of under 10mm. I haven't tried the Hades yet, for shooting clay pigeons up to 70m I need something with massive expansion rate to make them pop. The slugs tend to make a small hole and go straight through... Always have to shoot with a backstop with the slugs.

    There are a few Airgun tuners that can assist you. Slugs are ridiculously expensive, if you don't intend doing 100m + shooting you will be financially rewarded to rather shoot the JSB redesigneds. Slugs ARE not for plinking unless you have a sponsorship or extremely deep pockets.
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    I too am busy prepping my fx impact x .22 to throw some 26 gn at approx 975 fps or maybe a little more. The rifle needs some work to achieve those velocities and an increase in reg pressures to around 160 to 170 bar is not uncommon. You definitely dont need a larger plenum if youre using .22 caliber or smaller. There is a very nice thread on this at airgunnation explaining exactly what mods you need to do if you want to achieve higher velocities. On the subject of slugs...I agree that they are very expensive for what they are but remember its not really meant for target practice at 25m thats what pellets are made for....I think slugs are pretty much for long range hunting only. And if you think about it like that its not too bad. A 100 slugs buys you a whole lot of hunting. Ive bought some 23 gn 26gn and 28gn slugs but are reserving them until my rifle is setup properly and ready....then its zero in time and confirmation of bc values and then im ready to go shootin...he he. Also slugs are still relatively new so it will take some time for the big players to manufacture them in big quantity and that should drive the price down.
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