Hello guys

Been a while since I had something for sale on HERE - LOL!!

Anyway, I have a brand new and unused in its box Kahles K1050i FT scope for sale. It will come with a Rowan Engineering Zoom Lever, a Kahles original Sidewheel, a JON HARRIS sidewheel and a black anodized Scope Pointer.

I have no idea what these sell for in SA, but I will let it go for R40 000 which is not negotiable please.

Here in Canada, it sells for CA$4650 with the included accessories - that's about R51500. I already have the export permit for it, and can bring it with me to SA on 30 June 2020 when we go to SA to visit family and friends.

If you're interested at all, send me a PM or email me: rstewart66@shaw.ca

Thank you kindly.