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Thread: How to ship an air rifle

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    Default How to ship an air rifle

    Hi Guys

    Just wanted to know how those of you that have sold air rifles on here before are shipping them.

    How did you manage to box them and package them?

    Also which courier service did you use?

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    If you have a case, ship it in that. If not wrap in a carton box and then again in a carton box.
    I use The CourierGuy and haven't had any problems so far.
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    Hi Evan.
    I assume you want to ship an air rifle within the borders of South Africa.
    If my assumption is correct, I used the following procedure in the past, and suggest the same to you:
    1. Get a double walled corrugated cardboard box with lid custom made for the specific air rifle, allowing at least 20mm extra space in every direction between box and air rifle for packaging material. or or might be able to assist in your box, tape & packaging material needs.
    2. Wrap the air rifle in a generous helping of bubble wrap and aerothene foam and tape it up.
    3. Pack this wrapped up air rifle quite tightly in the box between some pages of crumpled up newspaper. No part of the air rifle should make contact with the wall of the box.
    4. Close the box. If you shake the box, the air rifle should not move inside the box. Seal the box with box tape.
    5. The Courier Guy courier service has no problem with shipping air rifles and they are quite reasonable with their prices. And you don't need an account with them.
    I hope this helps.

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    Thanks for all the replies guys, much appreciated
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    One rifle shipped to me from a Pretoria shop was simply rolled up in bubble wrap and tape. It was about 40cm diameter when done, and the wrap extended way past the muzzle and stock ends. I am sure it could have been thrown in any direction without harm.
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