Up for sale is four rare items of pure perfection. Scopes and mounts included as in the photos.

Apologies for the poor quality of the photos, but the best photos wont do theses justice.

Please donít haggle on these prices, these are bargains.

1) HW30 4.5mm
GinB stock
Leupold 3-9efr scope
R15 000

2) AA Prosport 4.5mm
Probably the best walnut stock ever produced for a Prosport
All polished internals
Leupold 3-9efr scope
R20 000

3) HW97 4.5mm
GingB fully adjustable stock
No scope no mounts
R13 000

4) Anschutz 2002 4.5mm PCP
6 fpe power, cannot be adjusted to 12fpe
Leapers bug buster 3-9 scope
as well as Anschutz peep sights
R13 000

5) Airforce Talon
4.5mm, fully adjustable power
Talon Tunes quick fill/gauge and cylinder lowering adaptor
Viper 4-16 scope
Airforce bipod
R14 000