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    Please can someone advise on the pros/cons of FX2000 vs AA S410?

    To judge a new rifle what size groupings should one expect at 20m to use successfully in FT?

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    Welcome to the board Plinker.

    I've heard alot of people rate the S400 above the S410 for FT. Something about single shot and not having to take the mag out between lanes.

    No experience with the FX - sorry.

    Should imagine pellet on pellet at 20m benchrested for both of the rifles. IMHO - I would expect at the worst, very ragged one holes at 20m for FT, but that's me.

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    pcp @ 20m, benched........i would expect no worse than single hole, if not the "same hole"........provided the right pellets, condition, decent scope...etc

    what i like about.......

    FX2000 (the ones we get here...):
    walnut stock
    threaded silencer
    big power adj range
    aluminium cylinder

    superb local support
    easy to work on/customize, mod into a target biased set-up.
    stock options

    what i don't like about...........

    stock too shallow, sporter grip, low comb
    mag system
    cocking on forward stroke
    bolt not in-line with barrel

    nothing really.......except maybe a bit light for standers.

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    Welcome on board.
    Both these rifles are extremely accurate at around 12Ft/lb. and @ over 50 meters. (You should be looking at longer distances in FT than 20meters.)FX is easily power ajustable for hunting but so is the S400 Extra High Power.Personal tast plays a big roll, like with so many other things in life.

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    GerrieF you forgot about the availability of the munie!

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    How much is the FX? Also is the stock ambi like the other models?


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    Twin Bore aka FX rifles in Fourways(jhb) does offer great backup service for all FX products. At the end of the day it comes down to personal choice.

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