Hi all - I wanted to share a review of the Weihrauch HW100 myself and one other hobbyist did. We've been as impartial as possible on it - I've never personally owned one but have been hands on with it multiple times at the range, my writing partner does own - how's that for balance! Here's some info from my write up:

"Weihrauch is one of the oldest and most respected names in the game. Many of its spring-powered rifles have established near legendary status and its HW100 range of pre-charge pneumatic air rifles have continued the legacy. The cylinder air supply design is coupled with the company’s own method of regulation, which is based on a chamber unlike most other rifles that use a separate device. German engineering delivers a slick sidelever action as well as a superb trigger and 14-shot magazine. The range includes a rifle – the Sporter, and a Carbine – the K. Both are available in standard and thumbhole walnut stocks as well as thumbhole synthetic and laminate alternatives that have adjustable butt pads. In addition, there are Fully Shrouded Barrel (FSB) derivatives."

The range comprises two full length rifles – a ‘Sporter’ or ‘HW100 S’, and a thumbhole version, known as the ‘HW100 T’ – and shorter carbine options, the HW100 SK and HW100 KT. All four are available with a fully shrouded barrel and are designated at HW 100 FSB models. In addition, there’s an adjustable brown and black thumbhole laminate option for the rifle and carbine, as well as synthetic soft touch black and green derivatives, all of which are also available with the fully shrouded barrel. Note that whilst the traditional and thumbhole stocks are ambidextrous, the traditional walnut carbine stock is designed for right-handers only with no left-handed option. Standard across all models are: an 11mm dovetail rail, 14-shot rotary magazine regardless of calibre, two-stage adjustable trigger and sidelever cocking system. In terms of calibre, all are available in .177 and .22, with .20 offered on some models. Power delivery is 12 ft. lbs. with higher-powered FAC options. All models take a 200-bar fill which is achieved by pulling a plastic stopper from the fill port at the top of the cylinder and inserting the probe. A manometer at the front of the cylinder shows fill pressure."

"The HW100 range has become hugely popular with hunters and competition users alike and for good reason. The heavier Sporter model is popular with competition shooters but will serve hunters equally well."

"The HW100 is known for good quality engineering which is most apparent in the side lever cocking action but is present throughout. Weihrauch has developed a reputation for offering some of the best triggers available and the HW100 carries on the tradition. The magazine design is simplicity itself and as a result is hard to beat. Like many other rifles in the company’s range, the HW100 is pretty hefty in the full sporter length, but beautifully balanced. Carbine models are more wieldy but offer fewer shots."

"Other sidelever cylinder rifles to consider include the Air Arms S510 range and the Brocock Compatto and Concept Lite XR. Bolt action alternatives include the Daystate Huntsman Regal and Air Arms S410 range."
Original source and more info can be found at Weihrauch HW100 PCP Pre Charged Air Rifle | Alpha Militaria - Alpha Militaria is a small website me and two others set up last Christmas to help share our insights with people and get others into the sport. Thanks for the support. Do let me know what you think of our review!