Good afternoon everyone,

As you probably know, SASCOC (South African Sports Council and Olympic Committee) that we affiliate to, issued a directive after the president's Covid-19 announcement on Sunday that all sports events comprising of more than 100 people (participants, officials and spectators) be suspended. They also requires Sporting Federations and Associations to obtain special permission from the Provincial and National departments of Health before proceeding with events with less than 100 people. We pursued this option over the last two days.

We have not been able to secure the necessary permission from the Provincial and National departments of Health, as the SASCOC directive requires. We have no choice but to postpone the National Trials scheduled for this weekend to a future date. We will be considering options and will ask the club chairs to help with the planning.

We would like to thank the NW clubs and other volunteers for the time, effort and money they have invested so far. We will need full community support to help in constructing the courses at the date to be decided.

With the number of Corona cases increasing daily, we will also have to suspend all league shoots for now. As we practice social distancing, we strongly recommend to clubs not to host any club shoots.

As healthy individuals we should not be afraid of contracting Covid-19 but we should be terrified of the effect we may have if we infect others.
Stay safe and healthy.

Wian (on behalf of)
The SAFTAA Committee.