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    Seeing that a lot of you guys are getting new scopes I hope this helps you. NOT my work, got it of a UK froum.

    Setting up a rifle scope

    Scopes come in all sorts of variations they are mildot, 30/30 crosshairs, side-wheel parallax, and front parallax as well as fixed and variable magnifications.

    Scopes come in a massive range of different magnifications from 4x20 to 3x9x to 6.5x20x to 10x50x. and fixed magnifications link 8x56, 6x50 The type of scope you might need depends on what your needs are.

    Crosshair or mildot
    Cross hair is the name of the bars that cross in the scope to give an aiming point.The crosshairis a good all-round aiming method and can be used Hunting, Plinking, HFT, FT etc. Mildot Reticle.

    Milldot is a set of crosshair with little circles spaced evenly from the centre of the crosshairto left and right up and down each dot indicates a different angle of degree?s and can be used to aim as an additional aiming point for shots under and over the zero point
    The mildot scope is used mostly by Hunters and for HFT

    Illustrated scopes
    These scopes have an illustrated crosshair and are designed for lowlight shooters in mind

    Parallax refers to the focus of lens to give a clean crisp image of the target this is done by turning the objective lens or a side wheel depending on the scope this can also be used to range find targets

    Choosing a scope
    When choosing a scope you have to think about what you are going to use it for. Below are a few examples of which scopes can be best in different aspects of airgun shooting

    3x9x50/40 ?Hunting Plinking HFT
    3x9x50/40 - illustrated -low light Hunting HFT
    4x12x50 - Hunting HFT
    6x20x50- FT HFT
    10x50x60- FT

    The mounts are possibly the most important part of a combo because they bring gun and scope together there are many different variations of mounts costing from a couple of quid to ?60 - ?80 but when looking at mounts there are 3 basic things to look for

    This is probably the most important to look out for you will need to buy the right size mounts to fit the objective lens of your scope the sizes being LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH. Too small and the lens will sit on the action and will not sit in the rings if too big.

    Below are the sizes recommend for different objective lens sizes

    Low- up to 30mm objective lens

    Medium ? up to 40mm objective lens

    High ? up to 56mm objective lens

    Scope ring size
    There are two different sizes of scope ring being 30mm and 1 inch this is the diameter of the tube of the scope so if your scope has a 1 inch tube you will need a set of mounts with 1 inch scope rings and a set of 30 mm rings if your scope body is 30 mm

    Single or double
    There are basically two types of mount single and double.
    Double. Single (One piece).

    Double mounts are best used on PCP air rifles or guns with low recoil or with a gun that need spaces to loads from a magazine or load with a bolt

    Single mounts are best used for springer (spring powered guns) or guns with a high recoil the single mount offers extra strength where it is needed and the extra clamp stops the mounts and scope creeping forward under recoil

    Setting up and zeroing a scope

    Equipment needed

    Scope of choice
    Mounts/Allen key
    Pellets of your choice
    Several paper targets
    25-yard range
    Pellet catcher (optional but recommended)
    Something to rest on e.g. bench

    Step 1

    Is make sure the gun is not loaded or cocked and there?s no projectile in the breach

    Step 2

    Is to mount the scope to the gun to do this first fit the mounts to the scope rail of the gun (the groves cut in to the action) by loosening the clamp on the bases or the mount with the Allen key provided and sliding the mount in to the groves of the scope rail then tighten the screws on the base of the mount to clamp it in to place.

    Step 3
    Undo the top two screws on top of each scope ring to remove the top half with the Allen key provided usually the smaller of the two and place the scope into the ring bases connected to the rifle

    Step 4
    Is to replace the top of the rings and screws then tighten half way, scope should able to move slightly

    Step 5
    Shoulder the rifle with scope attached and move the scope to get the crosshairs straight and the scope in a position where is comfortable for you to use with out straining your neck, the position of the scope will affect the centre of gravity of your combo and will affect the way you shoot.
    Tighten the scope rings all the way locking the scope in to place
    (WARNING don?t tighten scope rings too far or you will damage the scope)

    Step 6

    Is to set up a suitable range to zero in your scope you will need 25 yard ranger (preferably) a good back stop e.g. a piece of plywood 4x6 foot, target holder/pellet catcher several card targets and something to rest on like a bench or you can use a bipod if you own one
    My range. Close-up.

    Step 7

    Now that your range is set up its time to begin zeroing your scope in, remove the both turret covers from the scope and put them some where safe and from the object you are resting on aim for the centre of the target with the crosshairs and fire 7 shots to give your self a grouping (cluster of shots)
    Nice groups.

    Step 8
    Using the grouping as guide turn the turrets in the direction you want to move the grouping E.G. I would move the turrets up 4 clicks and left 1 (approximately) then take another 7 shots to see where the grouping has moved

    Steps 9 repeat steps 8 till grouping are centre of target
    When the grouping is over the centre of the target your scope is zeroed happy shoot


    ? JALLEN
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