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Thread: Well done KZN and Gauteng

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    Default Well done KZN and Gauteng

    Well done to all juniors of SAFTAA attending the Inter Provincial that was held at Wonderboom Gauteng.

    For the KZN Eshowe team, thanx to you guys and girl, you were really tired after the weekends Bisley shoot but still manage to come and shoot at Wonderboom.

    The wind was Bad,Bad,Bad!!!
    But we managed to overcome it and at the end we all learned a lot.

    Thanx to Allen and Errol that host the shoot and oom Johan Jansen for approving the shoot. Thanx to the Chairperson of Wonderboom Fieldtarget Club, Pieter van der Merwe, for the use of their targets.

    To Frans and his son, thanx for being the marshals for the day.

    Tim, man you are a good couch and a busy man. I hope you enjoyed the day in Gauteng. We will see you on the 27th of September and then the home advantage is in your favor.

    To my team, well done guys and girls. Now you know what wind can do to a pellet round.
    So all the practice in the past weeks paid off. I know sometimes it is boring to shoot only paper targets and spinners, but it worked.

    All of this won’t be possible if it wasn’t for our parents, thank you for always supporting me and for all you have done for the kids and the sport.

    Moms and Dads, we salute you!

    Lock and load!!!!!
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    Photos from this shoot have now been loaded in my gallery....
    Sorry for the delay.
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