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Thread: Illegal Airsoft????

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    Default Illegal Airsoft????

    read this (hope it works first time trying)

    what do you guys think
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    on: August 27, 2008, 11:18:45 PM

    I've spoken to a person at the CFR icw the issue of paintball and airsoft guns. Many training providers and I suppose some of you guys use these tools for training exercises etc.

    The possession of any imitation prohibited firearms, contemplated in section 4 of the Act, is illegal. You may only posses such an item if you are in possession of a valid licence. Thus if you own a few airsoft Ak's/M4 or a paintball MP5 then you are in the water and not on the ice. You actually have to apply for a licence to posses an imitation of an prohibited firearm airsoft / paintball type rifle. The paintball or airsoft is not illegal as we all know by now.

    Funny enough you may posses without any problem or licence a deactivated prohibited firearm……………

    I think all owners of airsoft prohibited imitation type firearms should contact the CFR and send them a request in writing of what to do and how to licence these essential training aids. Maybe this will help to open that old wound of imitation prohibited firearms, and hopefully they will amend these things in the act.

    Do it now
    Phone the CFR @ Tel : (012) 353 6239


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    Reply #1 on: August 28, 2008, 07:00:35 AM

    Tommie, you are right as far as I remember, this is why we do not run with these types of airsofts, it is to much of a hassle ,I will also try and find out what the situation is with the airsofts that is marked to show that they are airsoft, bright orange stuff on the barell, we normally use them, luckily the pistols are fine!
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