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Thread: Dangerous Weapons Act

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    Default Dangerous Weapons Act

    Who knows any more about this? Under the proposed ammendments, air rifles and knives with a blade length of 10cm or more will be prohibited.
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    Whoa there before you get too despondent, read the proposed act in its entirety.

    Schedule 1 outlays what are considered to be 'dangerous weapons' for prohibition purposes.


    Schedule 2 then outlines exemptions to the prohibitions.

    Read it carefully as like all legislative documents the detail of the wording is everything!

    The relevant points are: Schedule 2 part 1 (e), (f), (g) & (h)

    Reading the bill what you have here is as near as dammit a rip-off of the VCR Act as brought into UK law last year.

    The one beneficial point I see in it is the prohibiting of selling said dangerous items from flea markets and street vendors - which I recall being discussed on this forum as a good idea!

    As always do not be complacent, but always carefully read this sort of document.
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