finally have my hands on a 78 !! Many Thanks to COR for bringng one in for me.

Stock These little marvels generaly shoot quite well with fairly decent grouping.
Having said this they are Chinese made and require a good clean and a once over at very least.

With some mild Mods it transforms this Air Rifle into an absolute MACHINE !!
Mods done:
Polished Bolt & internals/ Beburred Reciever / Modfied DuraValve / Port Polish + Washer Mod / Custom Made SpringSteel Hammer Spring / Custom Made 30Shore hardness PU DuraValve Seal / PU Orings Through Out / Remove Felt CO2 Filter / Polished Trig Mech / Custom Made Muzzle Brake T6068 Alloy (Polished) / Bulk Fill Adapter as well as Pure Energy Remote Coil with Slide Check & 20 Oz Pure energy Co2 Cylinder for High Volume sessions.

Custom made AEROQUIP/SMART Parts Fill Adaptor compatible with 20Oz cylinder

Harris BIPOD Currently on Order !!

Test Shots (Benched) Done with JSB exacts at 20m 1/2Inch Groups at 740 FPS with estimates of 720-760 FPS weather permitting
During Testing through hole shots were relatively easy to achieve. further tests are in progress.

Currently Working on a HPA system for the 78 using a PalmersPersuit Air Reg adj 800-1000 psi amongst other bits hopefully will have this little chappie on Air !!! hopefully that would be the end of irregular temp issues.