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    Default DBN airgun Field Target's official

    hi all,

    i was informed that.........

    a commitee meeting was held last night, and the club is officially off the ground. for info on the club, membership fees...etc pls contact Andre 0837765772. better yet, go check it out first-hand there will be a shoot this sunday. don't have a name yet...........any ideas???? we are looking to incorporate "Air Gun" in there somehow.

    the club will be affiliated with the national FT body, hence FT competitions will be shot under national rules. a weekly weekday standing 10m practice session is planned and apparently there will be a national shoot in march next year (something to work towards, and a great opportunity to gauge oneself against big guns like guido, casper, neilg, lewis...etc)

    as for HFT, due to lack of numbers (nationally), it will only be shot on the club level.

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    Hi Guys
    Good luck with the new club. I cincerely hope that you guys go from strenghth to strenghth. I would like to reprecent South Africa next year at the worlds. With all the clubs starting WE might achievce this goal.

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    Good Luck and can't wait,

    this is where we seperate the men from the boys ....

    .... you men must enjoy yourselves .... while we boys try to get better !

    Seriously though, Good luck and enjoy yourselves at the same time.

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