With the SAARA Oranje Vaal Shoot I had the oppurtunity to compete as a Veteran against laaities 9-20 from different provinces. Top scores average 580-590/600 with supportive clothing/Feinwerkbau etc.

Needless to say the discipline requires 60 shots to be fired within 95 minutes at veeery small circles using peepsites only.

To see the laaities with their space toys, moonsuits and special tackies just reinforced the thought that shooting is an equipment race albeit a very nice one.

I managed to shoot a very gratifying 461/600 using a standard S200 with gamo peeps. I can take share the following lessons. Never underestimate the mind when it gets to focus! My previous best score was a humbling 343/600 at Durban Deep in April 05. Never underestimate the power of practice and never give up on visualization. In general the discipline has had a positive increase in my Metallic Silhouette scores.

So give it a try, I am starting to like precision shooting

The SAARA junior team has been awarded protea colours for participation in the UK in August 2005.