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Thread: Leapers scope on HW97K

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    Default Leapers scope on HW97K

    After a lot of hassels on the hunting field with my old scope (Nikko Stirling 3-7 x 40 with adjustable objective at the front and duplex reticle), by hassels I mean, focus on the target with the front adjustable objective, check the distance on the front objective, set the turrent to the required distance, aim and ..... hey, where did my bird go? This was happening to often, so decided to start looking around for something

    with side focus because: adjusting the front objective moved the gun all over the target, after you achived focus you then have to pick the gun up to confirm the distance and in the process loose sight of your target.

    mildot reticle because: now i only have to focus and check the holdover/holdunder right next to the distance marking without once taking my eye off the cheakpiece. No turret to adjust and this minimize your time from the time you see the target till the time you pull the trigger.

    Extention tube because: when the sun catches the front lens in early morning senarios i could not get clear view of targets.

    I decided on the Leapers 3-12 x 44 SWAT (Side Wheel Adjustable Turret) Mildot reticle fitted with and extention tube and flip up covers. I have added a 80mm focus wheel.

    The clarity on the scope is i my opinion very, very good because there is absolutely no hasiness around the edge of the scope right through the magnification range.

    There is more than enough space to still load the gun even though the scope is very long.

    I have included some pics will only setup the scope on Saturday.

    For additional info on these scopes check out or contact Guido on the forum.


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    imho, for hunting rather use hold over/under or mildots rather than dial-in.

    i normally just set the parallex @ around 30-35m, and crank the mag down to 8-10X kinda like uk hft......
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    I also find that ranging doesn't work when hunting(time wise). Learn to guesstimate the range and the use the milldots.
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    Went back to a 30/30 ret this weekend shooting HFT. Oh how I missed my milldot. When I ever get my new scope it will have milldots.
    I really can't see why anyone would want a normal ret?

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