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    Hi Guys,

    Has anyone had any dealings with I want to order a Vermon HW 100 cylinder.


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    Sorry if you know this already, but BAR also do a aftermarket cylinder for that rifle. What's the price difference?

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    iirc, bar use air arms cylinders/filling valve.
    AA/louis an option?
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    BAR won't ship to SA
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    BAR's loss
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    Yes BAR makes a aftermarket cylinder and yes they do not ship to SA. BAR has a bit of a problem with there supplier and I think that that particular cylinder has not been tested by Air Arms." something like that"

    They are looking for a alternative suppliers of the Full length Carbon Fiber shroud or silencer this e-mail is from Lloyd at BAR.

    ?Im sorry to say that the man making the carbon fibre silencers has proved to be unreliable. He has made virtually nothing for weeks now, and we have decided to stop having any more parts made by him. We have no alternative at the moment , but i am hoping to find another more reliable company to use in future.

    Best wishes


    The BAR Cylinder is 109 pounds and Venom 135 pounds.

    Thanks for all the replies.
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