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Thread: metallic silhouettes........

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    Default metallic silhouettes........

    hi guys, i suppose this one is more for chris & guido.......never the less, any advice is greatly appreciated.

    where can i find rules for air rifle class?
    or is't the same as small bore rifle????

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    SAMSSA Event 16 Air Rifle (Seniors & Juniors)

    Standing position:

    Any safe standing position without artificial support. The rifle will be supported by the hands and one shoulder only. One hand must be forward of the pistol grip. Either the cheek must be in contact with the side of the butt stock or the chin may rest on top of the comb.

    You may use a scope on the rifle.

    This event should serve as an introduction to silhouette shooting.


    Any No. 1 or No. 2 Air Rifle can be used.

    No distinction to be made between a Light/Hunting and Silhouette type of rifle.

    Any safe trigger will be allowed.

    Target specifications:

    Target shall be 1/10th scale of ?full size? silhouettes as per official IMSSU templates.

    Targets to be manufactured from 3mm mild steel plate.

    Air Rifle silhouette feet should be:

    Chicken ? ? ? W x ?? L or ?? W x 1? L (19.05mm x 19.05mm or 19.05mm x 25.4mm)

    Pig ? ?? W x 1? L (19.05mm x 25.4mm)

    Turkey ? ?? W x ?? L or ?? W x 1? L (19.05mm x 19.05mm or 19.05mm x 25.4mm)

    Ram ? ?? W x 2? L (19.05mm x 50.8mm)

    Target Distances:

    Chickens - 18,29 meters (20 yards)

    Pigs - 27,43 meters (30 yards)

    Turkeys - 32,90 meters (36 yards)

    Rams - 41,13 meters (45 yards)

    A 1% variance is permitted.

    Classifications for Seniors: The same as SBR Light

    INT 32 - 40
    Master: 25 - 31
    Class A: 18 - 24
    Class B: 0 - 17

    Classification will be done at all SAMSSA sanctioned matches.

    Once a competitor achieves INT class at a National Championship, such competitor will not be eligible for a prize.

    If prizes are available, it should be given to the lower classes at the discretion of the Organizing Committee.

    Classifications for Juniors 15 - 18 years
    No classes or National colours for this event, only first 3 places. Gold Silver and Bronze at National and Provincial championships.

    A junior is not allowed to shoot without direct senior supervision.

    Note: Changes have been made NB! 12 flb rule applies due to target damage

    Air Rifle Open site, Same size animals as in previous rules text. Distances 6m, 10m 12.5m & 18m. Open sight spring rifle only.

    Any other rifle, recoilless spring, PCP or CO2 with scope or peeps will compete in Air Rifle any sights as mentioned in SAMSSA rules text.

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    tks........exactly what i'm looking for shot.
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    hi chris , sorry, can you confirm the following.........

    taken from general tech rules for all rifles........

    no gloves, except for warmth?
    no palm rest.
    use of compensators, muzzle brakes & barrel porting prohibited.

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    Its correct yes.
    BTW Metallic Silhouettes available on order. 1/2 set of 5 each chickens, piggies, turkeys, rams, lazer cut from 3mm mild steel with feet welded on. Phone Dave Wilson 016-971-2522 AH
    Note that an order of 10 sets must be made before cutting commences. POR
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    Dave can also be contacted via e-mail at
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    So, the next question, as there is a new class for air pistols, what will be allowed?

    Is the Steyr LP10 that I bought to use going to be disallowed because it comes equipped with a compensator and porting from the factory? As in fact do many other match pistols that people might be inclined to use for silhouette.

    I would imagine that in order to get interest in this new class they would want to be as relaxed as possible in order to encourage people as there are not a massive selection of air pistols that will be up to the discipline.

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    so basically............i should've been disqualified at wolwehoek.

    gloves: yes
    palm rest: yes
    muzzle brake/compensator: yes

    thinking of using S410k for silhouettes.........was looking at the "custom" route ie longer cylinder + compensator..........i guess that's out of the question now.
    how about silencers? or that little muzzle/still air piece that came with the rifle????

    re multi-shots (10shots).......suppose there are 5 per bank, do i load 5, shoot 5, then reload for next bank...etc.


    can i load 10, shoot 5, next 5, reload...etc


    load 10, shoot 5, mag out, next bank, mag in......etc
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    Hi Dale, Urubus
    Dale, there are three seperate air pistol classes i.e unlimited i.t.o sights with a sight radius of 10" and shot from creedmore prone position, Field Pistol standing, open sights and production i.e as bought with production sights grips etc. out of the box. Distances are: Chickens =7.5m Porkers =10.5m, turkeys 13.5m and rams 18.0 meters. Time limit = 120 seconds for 5 shots

    Urubus, technically you are correct. You have been DQ'd but the shoot was meant as an introduction. If the rifle is sold ported under the current rules, it may be used. When shooting with a mag, load 5 shots only, complete the sequence and reload. Time limit = 150 seconds for 5 shots.

    We are currently in consultation with SAMSSA to classify air rifles into production and silhouette classes. Note that with CF and RF disciplines you may shoot the silhoutte class with a production rifle, but not the other way round.


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