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    i heard ziggi won in durban ussing a gladi8or,any news on this shoot :!

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    As you know I handled the Gladiator yesterday in your shop. Been thinking about it most of last night.
    My question: Is it not very/too light for FT/HFT? (Bearing in mind that it had no scope on.)
    I personally think it will make a very nice hunting rifle seeing that it's power is so easily ajustable and on lower power you can have up to 500 shots out of the TWO tanks on the rifle.
    Next question: How, do you think it will compair with the AA HP, is it regulated, spares available etc.
    Bear in mind that in the most unlikly event something in your AA goes, it takes litrely minutes for AA to repair it, in most cases.(Refer Allan's BSA and others) Sure some of the questions that would be asked in future.

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    i think everyone will agree with me that the gladi8or is designed as a dedicated hunting rig, but like most modern pcp''s capable of winning FT shoots. features i like:
    i think ZA models comes with 14mm threaded barrels, very quiet with logun/weihrauch silencer, maintenance free synthetic stock, alu cylinder with optional parts to in/decrease front cylinder volume, ergonomic buddy bottle placement/design, shots per fill ratio................ things i don't like: fore-end too shallow/short, trigger guard, it twangs.........

    i suppose it's like volvo's and saab's..........very well engineered, but not the most popular and sometimes missing the point completely.

    little bit more re the shoot..........

    highway airgun club in drummond just outside durbs, 30 targets course in a small (50mx150m?) coffee tree plantation. it offers relatively flat (close range), mostly up hill and a few in da tree shots. due to lack of distance, no less than 4 sets of reducers were used. iirc there were 4 or 5 10mm's plus a few 20mm out to 30m+ was a "busy" weekend for durbs, further the weather was rather miserable, hence the turn out was poor.

    the podium: 1) ziggi 26, 2) D. Porter 23, 3) Tsao 22

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    Well done all!!!

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    I see that the Domin8tor got top 4 positions in Poland.

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    Ogre . In AGW they have it as first 3 positions and with Walther Dominators .They are animals of another breed. I think the guys were refering in this post to th FX Gladi8tor.Walther in my book far better than FX.

    To be fair Ogre you were correct I did not notice 4th place was a tie Walther and EV2
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    Walther Dominator = Steyr LG100 = AA EV2 = Feinwerkbau P700 FT
    Walther is a dedicated FT like all the above mentioned, not a hunter rifle used for FT
    Like comparing Steyr to AA :-), just joking Guido

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    My apologies - misread Dominator for Domin8tor. Thought is was worth post re similarity between FX rifles.

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