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    Some years back I had a Feinwerkbau subjected to some affirmative shopping. Is there a register for air rifle serial numbers so if one goes missing it could hopefully find its way home again?
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    yeah...and I am still waiting for a moron/thief by the name of Peter VD Schyff to send me the FWB300 rifle I paid for nearly 2 years ago....
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    Mmh! I wonder what the odds would be on the FWB300 you are owed and the one of mine that walked being the same one? Mind you I got mine in the mid-70s
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    I think the SAPS has a national database of all firearms reported stolen. You can get the proper documentation from the SAPS site.

    Forms section

    SAPS 521(f) Notification of Lost/Stolen/Found Firearms

    The main numbers they will need to do a search with are...
    - Barrel serial number
    - Frame serial number
    - Receiver serial number

    If you have them jot them down somewhere for safe keeping
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