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    Default Direct imports

    If you add shipping costs etc, is it worth importing something like a scope or other accessories?

    Does anyone have a list of overseas companies that ship to SA?
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    most do but if you order small quantities the transport costs are high...

    I import Leapers scopes but have to place large orders everytime since they only ship FEDEX
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    IMHO it is not worth bothering. Scopes are cheaper in SA !!!
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    Not all scopes - are we a dumping ground again
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    Imported an alu case about 2 weeks ago. The transport + customs / taxes made up an very uncool 50% of the total price.

    Must say imo it's not worth it to import one or 2 articles except when it couldn't be sourced and you don't want the local available version. Transport is killing the "good price" .

    As they say - it's not cheap to fly first class.
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