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    Default Ferndale shooting

    The latest Randburg Sun newspaper has a front page article about someone in Ferndale shooting Luries out of the trees and calling for the banning of "you guessed it", Air rifles. The Police, and rightly so will charge the culprit(s) with Discharging a Firearm in a built up area.
    I hope that they,
    a) Catch them and
    b) Charge them as they would for firing a full blown weapon.

    "Posted by Brian"
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    Does the article say what age this morons is?
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    there was this big thing here in durban north a few months back.................. a well known man, shot an egyptian goose with his/son's air rifle at the local school sports ground. cops, spca all jumped in.......he got the whole nine yard, and had to pay something like R10k in fines.

    moral of the story................i've not heard of any airgun related incidents here in dbn north since.
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    The article didnt say who, but shooting a Lurie would take a pretty powerful rifle or extremely close shot to kill/injure the bird. Check every house in a 50mtr radius and you should be able to pin the git down. R10k sounds like a fair price to pay for threatening our sport, lets hope they do some more.
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