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Thread: Pellet difference POI.

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    Default Pellet difference POI.

    Hi guys, been doing some reading up the last couple of days and I'm more confused than ever....

    I can fully appreciate that different rifles prefer different pellets.


    How can pellets with the same weight give a different POI on the horizontal plane?

    I can understand the drag of different pellet shapes / brands - but surely this would only alter the vertical POI?

    Surely the rifling in a barrel ensures an equal spin for a equal weight of pellet?

    For example I have currently setup for H&N Fields. Nice grouping.
    Now shooting AA Fields I have even better grouping although the POI has shifted about half inch higher and half inch to the left.

    What is causing the shift to the left?

    Okay, brain hurting now....

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    Hi there
    I also tried to figure this one out but gave up. Now it is just SO!! ,differant pellet reset scope Amen.
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    Different shapes travels differently through air. Although both pellets might be domed if it is from different moulds the radius might differ. As a pellet is spinning and not flying as a aeroplane wing it will be influenced in both the horisontal and vertical.

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    This theory works well in the lab but not on Airguns. AA field and H&N Barracuda match shoots on the same vertical line (from my rifle), but they differ hugely in shape!
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    Pellets often corkscrew through the air and do not travel in a perfect arc.
    This will cause pellets with different velocities and BCs to have different POIs in the horizontal plane.
    Funnily enough when I had the NJR the AAs also shot 1/2" above and to the left compared to the heavier Barracudas
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    You guys must also keep in mind that stuff like wind, humidity etc also has an impact. The wind, even a very light breeze, is a major culprit because the pellet is spinning. Wind from the left may have a greater effect than wind from the right, or vice versa, depending on the direction of spin. This is apparently a major science, which also hurts my brain....
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    Right - think the penny (pellet) has dropped. :>

    Thanks for the input guys - greatly appreciated.

    Bought some Accupells earlier - but I"ll start another thread rather.

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