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    Default Nato or Mildot

    Apologies to Guido - I had phoned him and asked this question of him.

    What is the difference between the Nato reticule and the milldot one? (Besides the obvious visual difference) Which is better/more practical/acceptable etc?


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    If you drop me an e-mail (my address is in my profile I can send you a picture of the NATO pattern reticle.

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    both were designed for 2 pourposes, range finding and multiple aiming points (to compensate for bullet drop/windage....etc).

    personally, i've only used mildots, but i don't use them for rangefinding. it's my view that essentially they are just as good as the other re range finding.......perhaps it might be easier with the NATO as it offers "dots" and various inter/line distances, specially designed for targets that's about on ave 1.8m high and 1/2m wide...........

    as for multiple aiming points, i found the MD reticle offers more points of aim on both axis.
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    I prefer mil-dots....but both are ok if you are dialling in..
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