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Thread: Mendoza RM-2003 rifle (springer)

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    Default Mendoza RM-2003 rifle (springer)

    Hi Everybody. Please help I need advice on this rifle for a friend of mine. He want to know about prices and if it is a good springer to start his kid on?
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    I, personall;y haven't got too much experiance with the Mendoza. I like the wood on all the rifles I've seen so far. Most if not all come with a thumb hole. I have fored a few shot with one at the AIM show some time in this year. The trigger on that specific rifle was extremely bad. I understand that they are of the better springers available but I can't vouch for that as I hate the normal run of the mill springers since I shot the first shot with a PCP. To buy a dewcent springer the rifle cost you as much as a PCP, so for a "few dollars more" you might as well invest in a PCP(AA200 S or T) and the little guy can shoot the thing for ever and a day or upgrade to something more "sophisticated " and dad can also enjoy a decent accurate rifle. Some or other time they are going to upgrade to a PCP in any case. Most everybody do.
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