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Thread: Pellet weights

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    Default Pellet weights

    I recently found that it can be hard to find the weight of pellets. So I ended up buying some pellets that is way to heavy or to light.

    Last night after watching CSI I slapped [link=]this [/link] together... look at the pellet section.

    Hope someone can use it.
    If anyone have something to add, just send it to me.

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    my gun is roughly 1000 fps, and I got those Gamo TS10's yesterday from security world...

    I wanted to try out heavier weights, hoping that it will also bring the pellet speed down... and open some new doors, as i am used to using these light ones. Ive only shot 5 or 6 rounds in the yard (cant really shoot here) but it feels better...

    i guess using heavier pellet is better for the rifle than a too light pellet right? especially in these high powered guns.
    or what ?

    Farmer cool list, i kinda saved it to my hard drive, handy, so if you want to sue me for copyright infringement private message me :P
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    b4 guido jumps in and say that TS10's are way too heavy for springers

    i say use the pellet that's most accurate and efficient..........
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    I use Ts10,s in my Hatsan mod55 and My Norica West Likes em too.
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