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Thread: Pellet weight for a springer?

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    Default Pellet weight for a springer?

    First off I wish to apologise for my many questions. Right newbie here - also I do try and find answers myself, but most times I find conflicting info, and more to the point I do wish to take advice from a 10 year old kid in the States whose airgunning expertise is merely shooting his dads beer cans in the back yard whilst bunking the redneck school / barn. :>

    I bought a Weihrauch HW97K (carbine) last week, very different in quality and workmanship to my Gamo 440 Hunter. Extremely pleased with my purchase - the gun outshoots me every time. If I miss target, it's because of me not the rifle.

    Okay earlier today I purchased some Crosman Accupells, rated at 7.9g (gr?). I have been using H&N Fields and Crosman Premiers (10.5g).

    The Accupells seem to agree with my rifle. However there is a slight noise difference and hence I'm afraid of hard piston slap damaging the rifle. The recoil is not notably different.

    Should I stick to heavy's or do you think 7.9g is adaquate?
    I would prefer the Accupells, not only for the increased accuracy but also they agree with my pocket alot more too. :>



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    I would advise against using anything above 8.5gr in your springer.
    Barracudas and Crosman Premier heavies can severely shorten spring life.
    Also you will find that springers actually are more efficient and put out more power using lighter pellets [unlike PCPs]
    There are many threads on many forums talking about this subject and the opinions are generally the same...stick to a pellet weight between 7.5 and 8.5 gr for med to high power springers.

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    Currently my daughter and I only use accuPell and PowerPell in my s400 and her s200 :beer: for FT and hunting and find them both very accurate. PowerPell is the pointed version. I found them as accurate as the round point and it is slightly heavier because of the longer point (I think) Stick to them. It is cheaper also.

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    Agree with Guido,
    stick to the 7.8-8.5gr range.
    Test with Air Arms FT, Accupell, Daystate and even the H&N FT's. The bigger variety the better. AA FT and Accupell will prove to be hard to beat. I have not "YET" shot a AirRifle that did not like the AA FT's.

    My Pro-Target hates Crosman Premier 10.5grs (and I think they are a waste of money ... ), but loves the AA's and Accupells.

    The only reason people go for heavier pellets is to restrict wind interferance (spelled correct ?) as much as possible. The heavier the less drift you will get. The downside is that heavier pellets fall quicker ...

    Stick to Accupell, they are EXCELLENT value for money !

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    Hi Guido,

    I am using the H&N Baracudas (.177) with my HW80 at the moment, and find that my rifle just loves them, but if they are going to shorten spring life I suppose I will have to change. What do you suggest I go for? Do you know of a dealer in CPT that has got a wide variety of pellets?

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    Thanks for the input.

    Yep, AA Fields group nicely aswell - but at R100.00 a tin they don't do anything special over the Accupells.
    Bought 2 tins of Accupells today for not much more than 1 tin of AA's.

    Also - they Accupells appear to be lubed already. (?)


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    Default's my suggestion.

    the trick is to find the pellet that's most suited to the specifications of yoy air rifle (barrel, transfer port diameter/length, swept volume, spring strength ,and piston weight....etc)

    try as many types as possible (shapes and weights). shoot the top few (accuracy wise) over the chrono. pick the one that gives the the best of both worlds (accuracy and efficiency).
    being efficient, it means that there's not too much/little strain on the spring. no excessive damage on spring, piston head...etc.

    if you are getting "piston-slap" with accupels....try with heavier pellets or add washers/piston weights.

    IT MAN,

    Rosenthals in town, promised me that their new shipment (selection of pellets, full range of weihrauch air rifles will arrive either today/tomorrow)
    keep in mind, they said "it will be here in 3 weeks" and that was in april. also check out city guns for the AA and Bisley range.

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    Thanks for the input guys...

    Will see if I can make it to Rosenthals over the weekend.


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    I doubt very much that pellets in the 8gr range are giving piston slap...
    Shooting 10gr pellets in a springer will cause the piston to be decellerated very quickly causing unnecessary strain on spring and guide.
    Piston slap could possibly occur using felt pellets [another bad idea in a springer]
    I am going to place an order with JSB soon for the Exacts in 4.52. They shoot well in practically everything I have shot them through.
    They should be coming in at about R55\tin and are pretty much identical to AA FT pellets .
    If anyone wants another head size please let me know so I can add to the order.
    Their semi-pointed pellets are also excellent as are their match pellets [I use them in my Steyr for 10m ]
    I am shipping them by surface mail to keep costs down so be patient...and take 20 tins each so that you can stock up for a while!!!
    Let me know so I can add to the order.

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    Okay well some updates here...

    My rifle is toast.

    I experienced a 30% decrease in power after 1400 shots from new.

    After the gunsmith took a look at it the conclusion is that the seal is worn. wtf? :rude: It's brand new!
    Anyways, I still don't know what caused the problem, but lo and behold Weihrauch everntually got round to gracing me with a reply about pellet weights for this rifle, the HW97K.

    You see this still stood in the back of my mind that the pellet's were too light, although I fully agree that this could all be trash of my overworked imagination....

    Weihrauch reccomended some pellets to me, all of which are around 10gr.

    I'm purposely not mentioning any names here, pellet brand or otherwise. Just found it interesting.



    The spec data for the rifle announces 930 ft/sec with a 7.6 gr pellet, when I suspected something wrong with the power levels my local shop chrony'ed it for me and it was shooting between 599 and 625 ft/sec with 7.9gr pellets.

    Just thought I'd throw that in too.


    <span class='smallblacktext'>[ Edited Tue Nov 02 2004, 07:58PM ]</span>

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    sorry the hear that...........

    on the bright side, pistons seals are cheap and can be easily replaced. when you get it sorted out, try the heavier pellets over the chrono and then with the lighter should confirm the pellet weight issue.

    just remember, when ever doing research on uk forums.......some times the material is only applicale to sub 12 ftlbs springers. btw with my diana, i get 14 ftlbs with crosman premiers (10.5), +/- 12.5 ftlbs with CP (7.9) and AAF's and just over 10 ftlbs with geco's (6.8g). also make sure that the pellet fits tightly in the barrel.

    good luck

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    Not worried about the cost of a seal, more the fact that the rifle is brand new and the fact that no spares were available at the time.

    [blockquote] should confirm the pellet weight issue.[/blockquote]

    What should I be looking for urabus?

    'scuse my newbieness, hit me with a clue bat please. :messed:

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    Doubt very much that the HW97 is made to shoot 10gr pellets even in FAC form. Sounds like a quick fix from Weihrauch.
    It should shoot 8.4 gr pellets at about 850 to 880fps.
    If you use heavy pellets it will shorten spring life.
    There are many many threads regarding this issue in most airgun forums.
    Dianas 48 ,50 and 52 models can shoot the heavier pellets in .177 since they are really powerful rifles...not the Weihrauchs
    Weihrauch has had quite a few piston\chamber quality\tolerance issues...perhaps yours is one of the unhealthy ones...this would explain the piston seal burning out.
    Perhaps try and replace the seal, lube the sides of the piston and seal with moly grease only [just a little] and try the rifle again using JSB pellets or CPLs...see how it holds out.
    Check the consistency of the should get a max ES of 20fps on a run in rifle...anything higher would point to a bad chamber piston seal issue or dieselling or both.
    Otherwise ask for a replacement rifle.

    Did you perhaps inadvertently introduce some oil into the piston chamber?
    My advice is to send the rifle back

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    i'm no expert............

    look at the muzzle energy results. if you geta higher me with the heavier pellets (eg. cph 10.5 or baracuda 10.6) ie. more suggests that with the lighter pellets (accupels 7.9g?) there's not enough weight/resistance to create the "air-cushion" that's required to decelerate the piston and hence allow the air to expand/energy transfer...etc. therefore the piston speed is too fast (piston slap), hence the seal damage. think dry firing a springer.

    if it's the other way around..........then i don't know.

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    I must agree with Guido on this one . Your rifle was not the first with this type of S... .Trade it for a PCP

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