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    Default Pellet test

    I did some testing of pellet penetration in the following :
    - Water freezed in a coke can
    - Clay
    - Telephone books (x2) behind each other (450pages)

    I used the following pellets :
    - Crosman Premier Extra Heavy 10.5 gr
    - H&N Barracuda Match 10.65 gr

    I used my BAM 50 for the test, the range at which the targets was shot was 30m.

    And got the following results :

    In the Ice:
    - The Crosman pellets penetrated 35mm
    - The barracuda's penetrated 34mm

    In the Clay :
    - Both penetrated 100 mm

    In the Telephone books :
    - The Crosman pellets penetrated 450p + 100p = 550pages
    - The barracuda's penetrated 450p + 250p = 700pages

    After doing these test I would like to know, do you think it is possible to go and hunt Impala with the BAM 50 at 30m - 50m and taking headshots ? Do you think that the pellets would penetrate as much as needed to kill the Impala.

    I would like to know what you guys think ?

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    I dont know about head shots, unless you shoot it in the eye. The skull is pretty thick so i dont think the pellet will penetrate.
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    My advice would be no.

    If you want to hunt Impala then use a rifle appropriate to the job an airgun (apart from one of the large calibre guns capable of producing a couple of hundred ft.lbs or more) really is not the tool to use.

    A decent centrefire rifle is really the tool you want.

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    Not a good idea...

    My motto is not to take the shot unless I'm sure of a 1 shot kill and it better die right there... I'm a lazy oke when it comes to walking, so I don't want to go look for it.

    Rather stick to these type of animals (pests)
    Download and use as a target
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    I think you should use the right weapon from the start.
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    You are only producing +-25fpe with the BAM and those pellets. It is all about caliber, a direct hit might work at +-20m but off by a few millimeters and no go. A slight offcenter with a larger caliber producing 200fpe or better would mean a clean kill.
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    I understand what you are saying, so i will go on using my 30.06 on te Impala. I just wanted to know if it was possiblE.
    Thanx for your views.
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