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    Default Barrel Shroud

    I know it goes on the outside of the barrel, but Have three questions.

    What is it for?
    How does it work?
    Can I convert a standard barrel ?

    Any comments are welcome.
    Just pondering on a new project for my next BAM.

    Another question ... are barrel bands/collars needed what is the pro's and con's?
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    i'm guessing here...........a few reasons i can think of,

    free floating inside?
    built in silencer

    there are quite a few places that offers the bull barrel conversion in the uk (JB, BAR....etc) so i guess it can be done.........if you look at the daystate harrierX/X2/MK3 range, they all have the same diameter barrel as DA BAM inside the shroud (i think i'm right?).
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    a shroud is purely a slim looking silencer, mainly devised for the American market since silencers are not legal in the US without a permit.
    You can shroud any barrel...I have done the Steyr and Talon quite successfully.

    Barrel bands are necessary on slim barrels like on the BAM and S400.
    I have tried both without and the barrel is just too flimsy and flexi without.
    If the barrel is held inside the ring with an o-ring and has room to move then it should be OK.
    The BAM setup is not needs an o-ring inside that collar or at least an o-ring butting up against the muzzle cap or silencer.
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    yup! i've got an o-ring butted up the silencer on da bam........hehe. it works good tip guido.
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