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Thread: Air Rifling bodies

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    Default Air Rifling bodies

    I might be opening a can of vrot worms here, but here goes:
    I am aware of several Associations of which SAAFTA is one. Every associations' constitution states that it wants to promote air rifling. But it seems to me that it is to promote air rifling in that specific discipline. Some associations have representation to SASSF, others do not. I feel that it is time to group all the associations under one national federation where air rifling matters can be handled with all interested and affected parties on a national level. Keep the associations as each shooting sport has its individual requirements and rules, but provide national guidance and support in matters where national colours, sponsorships and sanctioned matches are involved. Hopefully we may be moving in this direction soon with other likeminded individuals. :
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    I don't want to open the can here but we are Trying hard to climb over all the mountains!
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    Well since we are opening a can of worms, let's eat some while we're at it.
    For once I won't oppose, I will actually support this.
    Why ...

    The disciplines :
    - 10m Air (school Spring Piston)
    - 10m Air (School PCP)
    - 10m Air Olympic
    - BenchRest PCP
    - BenchRest Spring
    - Silhouette Spring
    - Silhouette PCP
    - Field Target PCP
    - Field Target Spring
    - Hunter Field Target (Spring/PCP)

    There should be a national holding body that overlooks all Air Rifle Shooting Disciplines, as well as making sure that there are Provincial as well as SA Championships once a year.
    If there is one body controlling it it automatically means that we (as airgunners) have representation in ALL provinces in SA (which keeps us away from National colours at this stage)
    Under the holding body you will have people who will then "specialise" in the various disciplines, meaning that they will look at the rules etc, but it will be much better controlled and with much less uncalled for rules changes and the like. It will also remove all monopolies in the Air Rifle shooting arena.

    Another plus, as a very big union (if I may call it that), targets can be made on a very big scale, bringing down the cost of FT and Silhouette Targets, with 10% profit going to the holding body, the holding body can then use that money for promotions. That way you won't have 300% markups on home made targets.

    Rules will not be changed to suit one person, it will be written and approved in a structered environment !

    The list just goes on and on. I could really write 50 pages about why this will be a good thing.

    Last one, I shoot FT, but will see and shoot all the other disciplines, maybe not to become to SA 10m champ, but ... it will improve my overall shooting much more and make me much more competitive in FT (especially those standing shots).

    How do the rest of you feel ?
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    You said it all!!.
    That is what I thought is going to happen with the Ekhurukleni F T Shooters Club, but it did not.
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    The issue of a national air rifle body has been discussed for a long time but without much momentum. The good news is that something has happened due to this forum and the combined efforts of likeminded shooters. SAARA has committed to be the unification body for the different air rifle disciplines. The way forward is to get communication going from interested and affected parties as it impacts on all air rifle, pistol shooting disciplines. Note. The idea is that SAARA unifies all the disciplines into one organization but respects the competition rules laid down by firstly the international bodies, then national and provincial bodies. With the unification the intention must not be to remove the individuality of the disciplines but to apply a framework for rule application, interpretation, scoring, representation and sanctioning of matches under one federation on provincial, national and international levels. Airgunning is the common denominator with the different disciplines providing choice of association. The long term benefit is that air shooting as a sport will have bargaining power in terms of national colours and on a legal level in terms of regulation versus deregulation. Long live airgunning!
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    Hi guys
    Here I am beating the lame horse again, at least it ain't dead yet!
    I have had quite an e-mail conversation with the SAARA president on this issue. SAARA seems rather undecisive (spelling) around affiliation despite their constitution stating the contrary. There is a SAFTAA body in name only. No affiliation to SASSF. Some of us have launched local clubs and even a provincial body. So far it is an entity only on paper with no visible interventions by the "president". When FT was introduced promises were made to develop the sport and arrange for international participation. Well, international competitions are being held in the new year but as yet no national team to represent South Africa. We are missing valuable oppurtunities to develop the most promising shots for provincial and national recognition.
    I request like minded shooters on this forum to respond to this thread so that I can make an assessment of the need to formulate a mandate to present to SAARA.
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