Did a quick pellet test of 6 different pellets that I have.1 of the things that I was most struck by is the sound of the Gamo pro match.They seem to whistle down the barrel and whistle while flying towards the target.2nd time I have heard it hapen now.must be the flat head.

The range was 17m and the gun is Zeroed for 20m with Air arms.So the groups are a bit low due to distance.

The penetration was a bit below expectation. The backstop was 3 magazines taped togethr.No pellets made it into the 3rd magazine.(when I have used 2 mags they seem to go all the ay through)

1) Air Arms Field253 pages
2)Accupels 259 pages :O
3)Gamo TS10 259 pages
4)Gamo pro match 220 pages
5) Gamo Pro magnum 259 pages
6)Scorpion sting 149 pages %-6

Bit hard to make a true page count tried my best to be fair to all the pellets

Check my gallery for photo results of grouping and pellet deformation.

The things I would get up to if I had ore time to play

Thought Scorpion stings would be good for extermination.Would help if they were accurate.
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