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Thread: back from namibia desert

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    Default back from namibia desert

    hehe.. just came back after travelled nearly 8000kms in last 2 weeks.

    missed civilization and toys a lot

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    Hope you had a good time. Hopefully the music was not very crap on the way...hehe

    We had a very interesting shoot today at the Somerset West Pistol Club.

    One very important lesson I learned is that reducers are not my friends. I am sure the scores will be up later.

    Boondock did you already order the BAMs or are you waiting for a permit first?
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    the music was good but i m too old for most of them. hehe.. thanks anyway...

    glad to know u guys enjoy the shoot in s/w.

    i already ordered BAMs and both countris are busy with permit. export and import. won't be too long i guess.

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