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Thread: The worst pellets ever.

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    Default The worst pellets ever.

    A while ago I bought a red dot sight online.
    They send me a few free tins of pellets as well. (Gamo Pro Magnum, Gamo Pro Match, Apolo)

    Whatever pellets you buy, don't bother with APOLO.
    They are actually more expensive than the Gamo's, but is without a doubt the worst pellets you can buy and may very well be the world's worst pellets ever.

    On the box it says the calibre is approximately 4.5mm
    It says "approximately" because the manufacturer wasn't sure of the size either.

    Some pellets don't fit into the barrel at all and some fall right through. And those were the good ones... some look like they have been used aready!!!

    I took about 30 pellets out of the box and found these among them... (There were more, but I threw a few away before I decided to take a picture)

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    Tried Apollo's with my CO2 psitol and I didn't have bad results. None of the pellets in the box(100) were as bad as the ones in the pic. Shot a rat with them last night.
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    The free pllets that come with the Ultratech pelletgun are not much better.Makes you wonder where the QC guys were the day they put those pellets out to market.
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    Hey I know those pellets, aren't they Accucraps before they've been damaged?

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    I bought some Arlaz once (green plastic container with spanish marking IIRC) and they were pretty bad!
    Didn't weigh them, but they very light and didn't even look like lead... looked like some sort of alloy that flaked off in your hand... noooo thanks.
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    probably still shoot better then prometheus, he he!
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