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    Hi guys...
    I am about to place an order for pellets from JSB.
    I am going to order the JSB Exacts in 4.52 head size.
    They have other sizes available but in my Steyr , AAS200, ProSport and other rifles I have tried all the other sizes shot pretty much the same groups.
    They should come in at about R55 a tin including a small profit for myself.
    I am going to have them sent surface mail which should take about 8 weeks to keep the cost down.
    If anyone wants pellets please let me know so that I can add to the order.
    They also have wadcutter match pellets in a variety of weights and head sizes as well as pointed pellets and .22 pellets.
    The Exacts are the same as AA Fields for all intensive purposes...they shoot just as well so who cares!

    Let me know soonest....

    If anyone needs them urgently I can have some sent airmail but the price will go up.

    BTW I shot an interesting test target yesterday using my Steyr LG100 set to 560fps or so for 10M shooting.
    I have the JSB test packs which includes 6 different wadcutter pellet types for testing in match weapons.
    I could scan it and send it to anyone interested.
    The JSB S100 and Match rifle pellets shot slightly better than H&N Rifle Match.
    Even the inexpensive JSB Schaks shot really well...I use them for 10m shooting [they are just unsorted match pellets]



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    Ok guys...have just negotiated a good deal on air transport on 200 tins of JSB pellets....
    Will be able to sell them at R60\tin but before I order such an amount I need some feedback and some deposits....don't want to get stuck with 100000 pellets...
    let me know

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    I'm getting a sample pack with 7 or 8 different JSB's next week, if test results are good I will order some.

    Only thing to keep in mind is that you are the only person from Sasolburg, meaning they will have to be mailed to the people who order.

    By the way, I pay less for Accupells ... ( I can't say more than that)

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    Sasolburg??? I'm in Cape Town.....
    Yeah, I know about the Accupels at R50\tin.
    Good pellets but they need to be washed with meths, dried and then lubed since they are full of gunk and bits of lead shavings.
    They did not shoot well out of the NJR and S200 though...JSBs shoot well in everything I have tried them in.

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    Hey guys...need to order these pellets, have takers for 30 tins so far.
    Last time I ordered for myself and everyone wanted to buy from my stash.
    To get the low air transport cost I need to order 200 tins or more...if I only bring in 50 tins the price will probably end up R5\tin more.
    Let me know...

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