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    Last night i was polishing my sears and puting moly grease on them to do a bit of a trigger upgrade. In the process I decided to grease the strker guide rod and striker bushes with the same moly grease. Tested the rifle after that and was amazed... grouped 5 pellets in one hole at 30 yards, and was soooo silent. Also had almost no recoil... was thrilled! Then started wondering if this wasn't 'cause the gun was very slow for some reason... 1 sleepless night later and I tested the velodity on a crony and it came in at a very consistent 635fps (1fps variance)... Then decided to rtfm (read the f'ing manual) on lubing and saw that under no circumstances should one put oil/grease on the strker bushes... mmm.

    Lesson learn't: For a really accurate, quite and slow s400, just put grease on the strker 8)

    Are they serious though... not even a touch of oil? Should I degrease it with meths and then just re-assemble... I'm so tempted to at least put a drop of 3in1...

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    Give Amabus a call at AA, he probably has the recipe to the correct treatment of your rifle.

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    molygrease is too "thick" hence the MV decreased........

    as long as you use the right lube, it can acually improve effiency and consistency. as "partly" shown by ur experiment.

    the problem is that some lube, the viscocity changes quite a lot with ambient temp.

    king NJ himself uses a reel lube for the striker "TG's rocket fuel" it maintains the same viscocity over wide temp range, doesn't evapourate, wash off, throw off......etc

    they are availble locally, i've used them in my S410k, and also found the firing cycle to be smoother afterwards......placebo effect? i don't know.

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    just degrease everything with meths...will be perfect after that

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    Also remember that liquid based lubes ie. oil, and then grease even worse, attract and contain debris - such as dust and grit, this often generates increase wear in itself. Its asif it turns into a 'grinding' paste.

    Probably why AA also reccomend to 'very lightly' lube the trigger assembly - in our climate with all the dust it's probably doing a great job of lapping the sears all by itself with every pull of the trigger.



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