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    Hi guys.

    Looking at getting some / a better scope mount/s.

    Taking some interest in a 'Dampa' mount described as a "one-piece ? with recoil absorbing bushes".

    Where exactly are these absorbing bushes. Been staring at the pictures for a while and can't fathom it out.

    Anybody using one of these?
    Are they any good?


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    I know some rifles like the Gamo is sold with a type of backstop with a plastic or nylon pad that is supposed to be mounted behind the scope to absorp some of the shock, maybe the "Dampa" is something along those lines. Be sure, somebody on this site will be able to tell you!

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    Hi avion, forget about the mounts - get a pcp.

    are you still at it with clearing the warehouses? :beer:


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    oi leave me warehouses alone!! :>

    I would love to get a pcp setup - but the startup costs are just way too much at the moment. However a lotta draw would clear that right up.


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    Gammo sells a SCOPE STOP with some of their rifles. eg 1000 Shadow.It is notto absorb shock but to stop the scope from running away and jumping off your rifle, which it does, I know as it happened to me. I understand that the mounts you refer to, do work, I just don't know exactly how. Depending what you want to do or actually what springer you shoot with (read how exspensive), you can never compare a springer with a PC P for accuracy. If you shoot one of the more expensive springers you might just as well shoot a P C P. I happen to be an accuracy freak, so only a P C P will do for me.

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    yeah i've gotta scope stop. no problems with scope movement at all. Was just wondering seeing as I'm interested in getting new mounts then should i consider the 'Dampa' technology <?> .

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