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Thread: my first CO2 pistol

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    Default my first CO2 pistol

    WALTHER PPK blow-back action

    cock by pulling slide back or hammer up.

    hammer down


    hammer up and safety off. now ready for fire!

    mag can hold 15 cooper steel BBs. @260fps. the slide movement and recoil very realistic when it fires.

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    A Japanese competitor, practices all year using Airsoft guns and then borrows a real firearm to compete in the Steel Challenge(simllar to IPSC) held in USA. this guy has beating many accomplished IPSC shooters and won the title, despite being use Airsoft BB pistol practice in japan.
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    Is that a 4.5 mm or 6 mm BB? If 6mm, were did you get it? Been looking for decent Airsofts, anyone know where to get them in SA?
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    my PPK is 4.5mm BB. the 6mm BB airsoft can easily order from website but ammo and gas will be hard to find locally.

    MARUI HI CAPA made in japan has pretty good accurcey for 6mm BB airsoft.
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