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Thread: CZ200S Shot distribution

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    Default CZ200S Shot distribution

    Recently I discovered that I was only getting 20 useful shots from my CZ 200s. Target Specialists fixed the problem by shooting a long string of shots over a chronograph and adjusted the striker spring and chronographed every shot. Obviously a very time consuming exercise.

    To cut a long story short, after optimising the rifle I am now getting 50 shots with the following details:

    Pellet: Accupell
    Rifle: CZ200S
    Average velocity 789 ft/s
    Standard deviation: 6.87 ft/s
    Coefficient of variation: 0.87%
    Max filling pressure 190 bar
    Min pressure to fall in above range 130 bar

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    What was the velocity and pressure range before the adjustments were made.

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    The usefull pressure was between 160 and 130. Velocity about 830 ft/s giving 20shots. From 190 bar to 160 it shot low at about 780 ft/s. From there it was ok untill 130 bar and then started elevating. The guys who know say that it is because of the spring not being able to knock the valve open far enough at high pressure and then knocking it open more at lower pressure. Needless to say it was a pain to sight it in and left me in the learch at the last shoot because I filled the tank to 180 after sighting in.

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    Live and learn.I also was starting too high.Although my score only increased by 1 point fixing my problem.Will have to practice more.

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    I Havent had my CZ on a chrony yet . But I have noticed variation in POI over the fill range . 190 to 130 seems to give me a fair group , inside 20mm for 50 shots . I have'nt worried about it , its my bakkie gun , with a 4 power BSA scope .
    I keep it for impromptu shots on the scourge of my life , the comon old garden variety Indian Mynah ! If its under 30 m & all is good , he gets a head shot , longer out to about 45 , body shot .
    Works for me .

    However , I will chrono the gun one day & then possibly fine tune it a bit . Right now , for what I use it for , it aint broke , so no fixing it yet !

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