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Thread: AA EV2 vs. Steyr LG110FT?

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    Default AA EV2 vs. Steyr LG110FT?

    I see quite a few guys are getting Steyrs for Xmas, what are the pros and cons between the two?

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    Steyrs are far more adjustable both ergonomically and with regards to weight.
    Grip adjustment on EV2 is non-existent.
    Also Steyrs are more adaptable from 10M match rifles to FT, silhouette and high power hunters.
    Steyr does not require refill connector with gauge.
    Steyr can take a bayonet barrel shroud/silencer...EV2 cannot.

    Some prefer the looks of the EV2...

    The Steyr allows you to move on to all the other air rifle disciplines and hunting with higher power if you ever get bored with FT

    Both are awesome rifles...ideally you should handle both and decide after that.
    There are going to be quite a few Steyrs in JHB at the shoots so if the owners are willing you may get to hanle one
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    Herewith a reply that I have had from Steyr as to the adjustment of the Energy Levels (Muzzle Velocity)

    There are different barrels built in 7,5, 16 and 24 Joule air rifles. Also the pressure reducing valves and a spring is different.

    We do not recommend to reconstruct the rifles to an other Velocity.

    Every Joule needs a special barrel to get the best shooting results.

    Best regards



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    Thanks for that Ducati, however I dont think this would be an issue for me as I will purely use it for FT. If I want a few more ft/lb for playing around I can always fall back on the FX 2000

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    I have recently had both a Steyr LG100 and an EV2 in my possession allowing me to undertake a head to head test on them.

    Before I go any further I do not sell airguns for a living or as a sideline so I have no axe to grind in respect of any make or model, however I do expect a certain level of accuracy, consistency and quality from any airgun.

    Also I have been an FT shooter since 1989, so I have a pretty good appreciation of what makes a good FT rifle. I do not shoot 10m or 3P so I will make no comment on the suitability of guns for those disciplines.

    First in respect of the Steyr it is a very nice little rifle with a large variety of adjustments available. It is quite a light rifle so it is pretty good for shooters of a smaller stature. Of the converted 10 metre rifle I personally think this is about the best. However I do not like the detachable cylinder, this might be perfectly OK on a nice clean indoor 10m range, but on outdoor FT ranges I do not like the idea of this. The Steyr that was recently in my hands had been converted to fill via a Q/F connector that replaced the pressure gauge. Doing this has also reduced wear and tear on the cylinder threads and seals.

    I would have to say that unlimited adjustments are not totally required on an FT rifle, in fact a more "sporting" design of stock is generally more suited given the need for flexibility in target angles that you are apt to experience on FT courses (take a look at the FT stock as fitted to my S400FT in the image below), in this respect the EV2 stock style will not disadvantage an FT shooter.

    The EV2 has been designed as a dedicated FT rifle and comes equipped with a spirit level - something that I consider essential, a strut for a wind indicator - favoured by some, adjustable fore-end - again something that is favoured by some, and from my own personal perspective, the ability to use a thumb up shooting style. The scope rails on the EV2 are machined with declination to alleviate the need for shimming the mounts something that many other rifles require.

    I find the greater weight of the EV2 makes it a more stable rifle for me (but this is something that varies from person to person) which allowed me to score 38 from 40 at my club in the UK against a 35 from 40 using the Steyr on the same day.

    Accuracy and consistency with the EV2 was slightly better than the Steyr, although in all fairness I did not have an exhaustive range of pellets to try, with both rifles being tried with JSB pellets

    At the end of the day before you consider purchasing any rifle do try and get some hands on experience with it. Don't just go by the looks, or what someone else says. What is ideal for one individual may not be good for another.


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    Off the top of my head the top 5 guns at the worlds:

    1st - Ripley AR5 (Ian Taylor)
    2nd - EV2 (James Osbourne)
    3rd - Ripley AR5
    4th - EV2
    5th - EV2

    I will see if I can get details of the other guns used, may take a while.

    In respect of EV2 versus Steyr, the EV2 is the better FT rifle, I think the Steyr would be a good Silhouette rifle though.

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    I think cost is important.If you cant aford 1 of the big guns then settle for something you can aford.It also does not help you buy a monster gun and you dont have the skill to make it work for you.My personal vote is however places on the Steyr as I think it is good value for money.I have always liked the Ansch?tz .

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    Why? Beacuse they are both German made? Cought you there!!!

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    I wouldnt say there are any Pro's or cons with respect to the LG110 because "THERE BLOODY AREN'T ANY to try". Sorry, lost it a bit there. Anyway, WHEN mine arrives I may be able to comment further. The EV2 is nice piece of machinery although heavy, good for those sitters and kneelers but a horror for standing, saying that I did hit some of my standers at the Worlds (by shear luck I suspect).
    I took off the Muzzle break this morning on mine and it makes a healthy crack which I like, the Steyr on the other hand makes this strange metallic ding..??? Hmm.
    Price: Both guns come at around ?1000 (UK) Spoke to a Steyr dealer who told me that some shops are trying it on at ?1350, gift I said..

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    Still satisfied with my choise, Steyr

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    I agree with Dale on most points... except for the fact that the Steyr is too light...this can only be a good thing since the Steyr can be made as heavy as one wants and the balance can be adjusted in a multitude of ways.
    The EV2 cannot be lightened.

    Brian...the Steyr also makes a healthy crack without the silencer...believe me it's enuff to make your ears ring indoors.

    Steyr does use different barrels, mainly between the 10m [6J] rifles and the FT [16 and 24J] rifles..some use Anschutz barrels and some Steyr barrels
    The old Steyrs all used Steyr hammer forged barrels and are accurate at all power levels...I have had 2 of the 10M rifles and they are extremely accurate from 6 to 16J.

    The unlimited adjustments are nice to have...whether one uses them or not...

    Spirit levels and windicators...a couple of hundred Rands to add on to any rifle.

    The accessory scope rail for the Steyr has a built in forward slope.

    The chaps that did well with the EV2 at the Worlds would have done so with any rifle...all the top rifles are's up to the shooters.

    I repeat...both are awesome rifles and both will have their aficionados...

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    i think the shadow 1000 is the best, it shoots a 1000fps, he he he he he he he he he he

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    Isn't there a wierd thing about the Steyrs POI changing throughout the day in ratio with the tempreture?


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    Gerrief you got me.I forgot the FEINWERKBAU.Sorry ....I must say until I have tried both guns it would be hard to make a fair coment which is better.I can say that at some stage I have thought about buying both.Still have to pick up the skill level before I think of splashing out like that.

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    Oi! This is an EV vs Steyr thread, stop hijacking. Guido, I looked at the LG110's at the shoot, all silencer free, unless it was secreted in the barrel, none made a decent bang which was puzzling, unless ofcourse they where dry firing which might explain it.

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